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It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?  

1.Upon the question that which source is more important? gaining knowledge from experience or from books? People may have different opinions. Admittedly, both have advantages and they are important. We can’t reject the fact that ‘Not everything that is learned is contained in books.”If we say that we are trying to learn how to swim, we can’t learn the whole things specifically without experiences. This tells us how important experiences are. But as for me, gained knowledge from books is more important by three reasons as follow: EDIT: People definitely have contrasting opinions one what is more important: gaining knowledge from experience vs. books. Admittedly, both sources of knowledge have advantages. Although we can’t reject the fact that “Not everything is learned is contained in books,” I believe that beyond experience, books can help us acquire more knowledge because we can’t experience everything in the world, the books we read are from authorities of knowledge and we can save a significant amount of time and money through acquiring knowledge via books. The main reason why gaining knowledge from books is more important is because we can’t experience everything in the world. There are lots of things that we learn through our life and we can’t learn them all by experiencing. Nevertheless, if we find particular books that include the information we are looking for, it will help us understand better. For instance, how could possibly we learn about forefathers without books? How could we also learn about the history of our countries? Obviously, it is impossible to learn these things by experiences. EDIT: The main reason why gaining knowledge through books is more important is that it gives us the chance to learn more than we can experience ourselves. There are a lot of things that we learn throughout our life, but we can’t experience them all. However, there are books for almost every subject and situation and they can help us learn each and everything we are interested in better. For instance, how could we possibly have learned about our forefathers without books? How could we also learn about the history of our countries without the events recorded in texts? Obviously, it is impossible to learn about the aforementioned through our personal experiences. Another reason is because books are quite more reliable than our own perspectives or experiences. Books generally have many kinds of information and displays such things like author’s opinion, style of writing. Sometimes, books are written by scientists or people from ancient times to present, from home and abroad. They are the symbols of wisdom. Considering with our own aspects of something could be incorrect while with the ideas and facets in which books describe are more considered as reliable. Hence, the knowledge from books can help us understand things more quickly and even better. EDIT: Another reason books are better is because they are more reliable than our own unprofessional perspectives. Books are written by scientistis or other specialists who have a broad base of knowledge. As children or students of learning, we are still acquiring our knowledge and may not be able to formulate the correct ideas about many subjects. In contrast, the experts who typically write the books have much more understanding and can share that knowledge with us via the texts they write. Hence, the knowledge from books can help us understand things on a more wise level. As to the last point, gaining knowledge from books can save us a lot of time and energy. Let’s say that students talk or learn about the theories in class. Actually, it is not necessary for students to test every theory in one’s own experiences; and it is not necessary to get involved in explaining every phenomenon we meet by our own experiences. If we just look into the books, we can learn lots of details and explanations more logically and understandably. EDIT: Lastly, gaining knowledge from books can save us a lot of time and energy. Students can debate and converse about theories in class, but their knowledge is limited to their young lives and may not have much behind the arguments. Also, the students can save a lot of time by relying on experts who have spent a significant amount of time already testing or analyzing the theories before writing them in the books we read. It can enhance our experiences and help us understand situations with more professional perspectives. The books can provide us all the details and explain to us the situations much more logically. Now to conclude, gaining knowledge from experiences are also very important in our life. There is a proverb ‘to see is to believe’. This emphasizes the importance of experiencing. Despite that, due to the previous three reasons, I would say gained knowledge by books are more important than gained knowledge by experiences. EDIT: In conclusion, gaining knowledge from our experiences is very important. There is a common proverb that says “to see is to believe.” The proverb empasizes the importance of experience. Despite that, due to the inability to experience everything we would want to learn, the lack of detail in our own experiences and the fact we don’t have all the time in the world, books can definitely enhance our learning so much more than by experience.

2.There are generally two types of knowledge - theoretical and practical. Theoretical knowledge is the one gained from books, whereas practical knowledge is get by (GOT FROM) experience. I do believe that Those two are co-existent, but I would rather say that practical knowledge is a bit more important. 

Firstly, knowledge from books gives you useful theories that can give you general ideas and help you understand the real phe...

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