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Nicolas Lum
Period A

The theme of Anti- Semitism is consistent throughout Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare makes it clear with the Trial scene involving Antonio, the merchant who borrowed money, and Shylock, the jew who lent money. In this scene the Duke is already displeased with the terms of the already illegal bond, but cannot find a way to help Antonio. So the introduction of disguised Portia helps to...

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-5 4.1.214 4.1.4 7/29/13 achiev agreement alreadi also amount anti anti-semit antonio aw away bassanio bias bond borrow brash cannot charact clear consent consist court debt decept decis demand deserv despit direct disguis displeas distast doesn due duke eas end era everi express fair find flesh forfeit get give got greater grow hatr help howev illeg impati incap inhuman introduct involv jew jewish justic land legal lent like lum make merchant money nicola noth offer one paid pay penalti peopl period piti play portia pound prize punish repres represent reward role rule scene semit shakespear shakespearean shylock start stereotyp stubborn sum swindl take term theme threaten three throughout time toward trial trick unfair venic victori want way willing wretch wrong