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Response to Literature Rough Draft
During the 1930’s America was a differnt land. It was the land of no promise and misery for most of the polulation. Of Mice and Men is a novel about migrants worker George and Lennie. They’re working on a ranch in Salinas, California. George and Lennie have each other unlike most of the migrant workers that travel alone and neve...

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1930 79 abl accept acces achiev actual alon america american away bad bit bottom california candi chanc charact close cloud come conclus corn crook curley d day denial descourag determin develop differnt dilussion draft dream end fact fat finish form georg get glass good guy hard high hope idea insist interrupt john judgement know land lenni literatur live make mani matter men mice migrant miseri never none novel one peopl polul portray present promis ranch ranch.their re realiti realiz relationship respons rough salina seen shot slim soon sooth steinbeck stori suckin talk tell theme thought throughout time travel tri true two unlik use vision want wasn wast wife won work worker worl