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Not for me
Drink up? Or toke up? That is a commonly asked question and wildly debated in many areas. Alcohol is made of organic chemical compounds, but only one type (ethyl alcohol or ethanol) is found in different types of alcoholic beverages intended for human consumption. In Canada alcohol has taken 6,700 lives annually and 2.5 million world-wide. Marijuana was brought to the new world in 1545 and was a major commercial crop along with tobacco. In 1880 the use of marijuana died down. That is until the twenties the glamorous era of jazz, Artists and musicians smoked pot for creativity. In 1940 marijuana had become illegal, than put under the Controlled substances act of 1970, It is now compared to heroin and LSD. Marijuana has zero deaths recorded in history, it makes me wonder, has the wrong drug been illegalized? Alcohol and Marijuana have different effects when it comes to the addictive properties, you mind & body, and surprisingly the benefits that are produced.

A very dangerous part of drugs is the addictive properties that tie you down. Drinking alcohol increases you endorphins, the chemical in your brain associated with pleasure. They tend to accumulate within the portions of the brain that have been linked with addictive behaviors. The more alco...

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