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Not For Profit Essay

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MaryLynn McMahon
Not-For-Profit Business Plan
Thursday June 26, 2014
Professor Farrelly

Not-For-Profit organizations have a very different set of requirements and needs. In order to determine a business plan for the Bishop Molloy Retreat Home we first will need to summarize the general mission of the Ministry, discuss the products/services that the retreat provides, the strategy, operations, and finally overlook the financials of the business.

A Not-For-Profit organization is a business that does not earn profits for owners. Any money that is earned or donated to the business is used to meet the organizations mission and goals. Often time’s Not-For-Profit businesses are exempt from taxes because they usually consist of charities, churches, and other types of public services provided to the community. ( Often times the public expects to be able to make donations t...

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