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Not For Profit Organizations Essay

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Chapter 16!

Not-For-Profit Organizations

CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Not-For-Profit Organizations,
Organizations devoted to causes other than commercial gain. These would include: i. Charities – Dar ill-Providenza, YMCA, Community Chest Fund. ii. Education – Church Schools, Museum School.

Arts – Heritage Malta.
Social Welfare – Sedqa, Caritas, Appogg, Island Sanctuary. Health – Inspire, Puttinu Cares, Hospice Movement.
Pressure Groups – Graffiti, Greenpeace, Gaia, Birdlife.

Marketing has proved an effective approach in the non-profit sector, even though the association of marketing with big business means that some managers in non-profit organizations still treat the marketing concept with suspicion. Their common objections include: i.


Marketing is unnecessary: the advantages of good health or a sound eduction should be self evident
Marketing is wasteful: it consumes scares resources that will be better applied direct to the organizations mission.

iii. Marketing is manipulative – its reduction of human behavior to buying and selling is...

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