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Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign decisions reflect on how she would be a president. Overall, her decisions in her campaign have showed her to be a formal president who is capable of fulfilling her duties, but only to an extent. Although she was seen as the ideal candidate and was the front runner for around a year, she still managed to lose the Democratic nomination due to the fact that she failed to prove herself to the people that she would become the ideal president. She deserved to lose against Obama in the race to become the president due to her flaws. Clinton had many flaws, but the biggest flaw that most likely lost her the race to become a Democratic nominee was that she was not good at building a team. Her team consisted of all possible leaders, no followers. Her team consisted of people who were “experienced, winners, tough minded and feared”. The team did not even have any Iowa experience, and the campaign manager had to ask a different adviser from a different organization to take over the Iowa campaign. After her team had failed to help Clinton achieve victory in the Iowa caucuses, th...

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