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EnerCare (TSE:ECI)

Initial Price: CAD$ 8.58
December 3rd Price: CAD$ 8.50
HPR: -0.94%

Industry: Casinos and Gaming Market cap: CAD$ 489.8M EPS: -0.05 P/E Ratio: 24.6 Dividend yield: 8.16% 52-week range: CAD$ 7.73 – 9.93

Company information:

EnerCare Inc. operates primarily in Ontario in two business segments: Rentals and Sub-metering. The Rentals segment consists of a portfolio of approximately 1.3 million installed water heaters and other assets, rented primarily to residential customers. The Sub-metering segment is principally engaged in providing the equipment and services to allow remote measurement of electricity and water consumption in individual units in condominiums, apartment buildings and commercial properties.

Investment thesis:

EnerCare is an extremely safe investment. The company operates in a safe business market and has a simple and secure product: water heater rentals will not fluctuate with the economy. In our view, EnerC...

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