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Not Legalize Gay Marriage Essay

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This really isn't a religious issue. We have laws that provide support and benefits for married people All of those laws were passed because the people thought that helping marriage was the best way to help raise the nation's children. The institution of marriage was considered the best institution for raising children. That's why we supported marriage through the law. We support other institutions through out laws such as farmers, doctors, nurses, students and military veterans. Farmers are supported because they raise the nation's food supply; marrieds are supported because they raise the nation's next generation.

There is absolutely no sense in the government handing out certificates (marriage certificates) that affirm people's private affection or private sexual preferences. None of those things are any business of government. If it isn't about raising children, then government has to get out of the business.

Disadvantages of Gay and Lesbian Marriage (Same-sex Marriage)

Gay and lesbian marriage has become a controversial debate in contemporary society. There are heated arguments for and against the legalization of marriage between couples of the same sex. This paper explains that the underlying assumption for those in favor of gay marriages is that the central aspects of love, relationship, and understanding should override all other issues. However, this paper argues that the situation is not quite ...

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