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Note Taking Note Making Write a short summary of chapter 7 Think of a title for chapter 7 and write it here Record some examples of connotative diction from the first two paragraphs of the chapter. What is the effect of this diction on the reader How does Douglass experience with Mrs. Auld show the corruptive influence of slavery on the slaveholder Explain, here, the style of teaching in the Columbian Orator that helped Douglass to improve his reading. What was the moral that he gained from the book Comment on Douglass mental state as he reads and thinks about this book on pgs. 51-52. Douglass writes that he eavesdropped on other peoples conversations and soon The light broke in upon me by degrees. What does he mean Look on page 53-54. Write concrete support here. What does the author want you, the reader, to think about him in this chapter What else does he learn to do in this chapter How does he do it Dialectical Journal for Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, chapter 8 Note Taking Note Making Write a short summary of chapter 8. Give the chapter a title. Why does Douglass begin the chapter with such specific information about his masters family Find evidence, directly stated on page 58, that Why does Douglass use a series of coordinated supports his major claim about slavery. (paired) nouns to ...

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