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Example Informative—Honey Bees

I. Introduction:
a. (Attention Getter) It’s an absolutely perfect day. You decide to enjoy it with a picnic lunch. You pack up the potato salad, fried chicken, maybe a bottle of your favorite wine. As you find your favorite spot and spread your blanket, you realize that this is only one thing besides rain that will ruin your day. That familiar nuisance, buzzing around your head, landing in your food, causing everyone to scamper from the blanket; yes, it’s our old nemesis, the honey bee. We hate them! They spoil our outdoor activities, their sting is painful and for some the sting is even fatal. But are they really horrible creatures or just misunderstood? b. (Reason to Listen) Been have been “kept” by humans since ancient times and although we know how yummy honey is, new scientific research is changing the way we look at bees altogether. c. (Thesis) Bees are vital to human health and maybe to our very existence. d. (Preview) So let’s see what all the buzz is about by:

i. looking at the long history of human and honeybees;
ii. New uses for honey; and
iii. How bee venom is on the cutting edge of eliminating some of our most hideous diseases. II. Body
a. Humans have been fascinated with bees for centuries.
i. According to the Mythography web site, late updated February 12, 2001, there is a Greek legend that claimed that once the bee had no sting and everybody picked on them. ii. Baby Zeus had grown up on honey so he gave the bee a sting so it could protect itself. 1. But the bee got a little power hungry and started to sting everything in sight. 2. Zeus was not happy and took away all but one sting and once used the bee died. Bridge: But the Greeks weren’t the only culture fascinated with bees. iii. According to the article, Take two beers and call me in 1600 years, by George Armelagos in the May 200...

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