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Machiavelli was born at Florence in May 3rd, 1469. He is also known as the father of modern political theory.  In chapter 8, Machiaveli relates and talk about how the Prince should be faithful and keep the word that they said. He also includes about two kinds of fighting. One fighting according to force and the other according to law. I was impressed when I knew his two kinds of fighting techniques and everything. Machievali acknowledges that a prince who honors his words is generally praised by others. He states that the price should be a master of deception, but most be careful to exudes a virtuous aura that belies his decietful mind. 

In chapter 9, machiavelli states a prince must avoid being hated and despised at all cost. A prince must be criticizes as lack of virtue, but he will never be hated for it, but  a prince will be hated if he take the property or women of his subjects. A prince should always worry about two things: internal insurrections of his subjects and external threats from foreign powers. Roma...

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