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Not My Best Side Essay

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“Explain how the poem “not my best side” portrayal of its characters, leads to archetypes being gone against.” This poem is inter-textual in a sense that it is based on the painting “St. George and the Dragon”. It takes a humorous role in portraying each of the characters found in the painting and goes against theirs common archetypes of a dragon, princess and knight. This poem is a parody on the archetypes that the characters of the painting should have, it goes against them completely in a humorous way and using each of the three stanzas from either the dragon’s, princess’ or knight’s perspective, to go against their respective archetypes. In the first stanza, the dragon is portrayed as narcissistic only caring about it appeared, even to the point where he “was sorry for the bad publicity”. The repetition of the title showed that the dragon was really concerned about not being portrayed on his “best side”. The enjambment of the dragon’s explanation of not having the “chance to/ Pose properly” added emphasis to the dragon’s vanity, not being able to have his best position captured by the artist, resulting in his unhappiness. Initially, he was not that affected by not having “two feet” drawn by the artist as they are not th...

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