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Not My Cup Of Tea Essay

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Not My Cup of Tea

It was a cold December night of 1773. The wind howled through the deserted streets while many families were tucked away in their warm beds. The shuffling feet of fifty men are not to be heard as they make their way to Griffin Wharf’s where the Dartmouth, Beaver, and Eleanor rest (Johansen, page 13). Disguised as Mohawk Indians, one by one, these men quietly scurried though the ships and threw about 35,000 pounds of tea overboard (Johansen, page 13). As sunlight approaches, words of this act sung through the town as many citizens ran to the wharf to show their approval of what is now known as the Boston Tea Party (Travel & History, paragraph 9). Because of this act of rebellion, the British Parliament created the Coercive Act of 1774 as punishment. This act states that Massachusetts’s charters are to be disassembled, the power of the king’s governor are expanded; and more importantly, the port of Boston will be blockaded until the citizens agree to pay for the tea that was destroyed (Gale Encyclopedia, paragraph 10). The Quebec Act of 1774 was also later created where Parliament took away the land that was claimed by the original American colonies (Gale Encyclopedia, paragraph 10). Furious, the Americans rebelled by forming the First Continental Congress whic...

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