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Not Of An Age But Essay

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‘Not of an age but for all time’ (Jonson). How far and in what ways do you agree with this statement? Include references to the new historian approach in your answer. The new historicist approach suggests that literature should be studied and interpreted in regards to the context of the history of the author as well as the history of the critic. From the context of the history of the author, this approach indicates that literature is influenced by the circumstances of the author in relation to the times of which they experienced living in. From this, the critic forms their interpretations from the historical context of which they have lived in. Therefore, in order for the reader to understand the text, they need to be aware of historical context, such as the dispersion of power and social hierarchies within the text. I disagree with the statement to an extent, as Shakespeare’s work consists of tragedies in relation to social context and hierarchy in society. For example, in Othello, the...

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