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Not Out Of Hate Essay

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Not Out of Hate is set in Burma in the 1930s, when it was still under British rule; by the end, however, the British have been driven out, and the Japanese have begun their occupation. The story centres around Way Way, still a teenager when the story begins. Her mother abandoned the family years earlier and became a nun, and as Way Way's other siblings have married and moved on with their lives she is the only one left to care for their somewhat sickly father. Because she had to shoulder greater responsibilities she could not finish school, as she would have liked to, but her devotion to her father is great and she manages, given the circumstances.         U Po Thein, Way Way's father, is in the rice business, and the action starts when a new man is sent up from Rangoon. They are expecting an Englishman -- which would be big news: "Way Way had never in her life seen an Englishman up close" -- but instead U Saw Han turns out to be Burmese. But a very Anglophile Burmese.         U Saw Han moves into the house next door, and lives in English style, making a great effort to have left Burmese ways behind him. The contrast is made clear when U Po Thein and his family are invited over: they are told to keep their footwear on (at home they always remove it when entering the hou...

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