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Short Essay
1. Van Gogh Self-portrait with palett knife 1880s
(impasto, madness around him, and calm within him while he was painting – painting was a therapy) Still life with Bible 1880s
(Zola’s book, antithesis to bible La Joie de Vivre –the Joy of life) (candle is out, representing the dim of his fathers death)

2. Nevermore (1900s)
Play off of Edgar alan Poe’s “The Raven” (1845) In which never more is continually repeated as a reminder of a lost lover. Gauguin’s poster in the background with the words nevermore and the raven sitting right next to it is a memento mori of death.

Manau Tupapao (1880s)
The specter is a memento mori, he is examining the spiritual ideas of death through a mixture of his current and previous cultures.

3. Schiele Girlfriends (1910’s) Kneeling Semi-nude (1910s) Practice...

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