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Adroit | adj. skillful, expert in the use of the hands or mind | clever, deft dexterous, slick | clumsy, inept, all thumbs | Benefactor | n. one who does good to others | patron, humanitarian | misanthrope, malefactor | Destitute | adj. deprived of the necessities of life; lacking in | wanting, devoid, impoverished, penniless | rich, wealthy, luxurious, bountiful, full, replete | Explicit | adj. definite clearly stated | distinct, forthright, unambiguous, clear | vague, ambiguous, implied, implicit | Gibe | v. To utter taunting words; n. an expression of scorn | v. ridicule mock deride jeer | n. compliment, praise | Inclement | adj. stormy, harsh; severe in attitude or action | blustery, tempestuous, implacable | mild, gentle, balmy, tranquil | Nostalgia | n. a longing for something past; homesickness | | | Pliable | Adj. easily bent, flexible; easily influenced | supple adaptable, resilient | rigid inflexible, recalcitrant | Sojourn | n. a temporary stay; v. to stay for a time | v. visit, stopover, brief stay | |

Tepid | adj. lukewarm; unenthusiastic, marked by an absence of interest | insipid, halfhearted, wishy-washy | skim, scan, glance at | Adulterate | v. to corr...

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abandon abash abject abolish absenc action adapt addit adj admit ado adroit adulter affect aggrav agil agit agreement aim alien all-know ambigu amic amplifi annihil annoy answer antagonist antiqu antonym apart attack attend attitud attract audaci augment awar away balmi bash beam bedevil befriend bend benefactor benevol benign bent beyond bite bland blase blusteri bold boorish bounti brand brand-new brandish brash brave brief burnt burt bustl calm captiv care careless caus caustic charit cheer chicaneri clear clever clumsi cogent colorless comfort compel compliment compos confid conflagr congeni conscienti consist consol contamin contempl continu contort converg convey convinc cool cordial correct corrupt courag coward craven crude cure cure-al date daydream deal deceit decreas definit deft delet delug depriv derid destitut destroy destruct detail devast devoid dexter differ difficulti diffid dignifi diminish disagr disconcert discontinu discrep dishonest distinct distort disturb diverg doubl double-d dreami drive duplic duti easi easili eeri effac effronteri eleg enlarg entranc erad eras especi estrang everyth exact excis excit exert expert explan explicit express expung expurg extirp face facial faintheart fainthearted fallow fashion fear fertil finit fire flexibl flourish foolhardi forc forthright fortitud foster fraud fresh friend full gentl gibe gladden glanc good grand grimac grin hackney halfheart hand harass harsh hazard hide hidebound high holocaust homesick hostil humanitarian humbl humil ignor ill impenetr impervi implac implant impli implicit impos impoverish impress imprint inact inclement inconsist increas indefinit indiffer ineffect inept inexplic inflex inflict influenc injuri insert insipid interest inund irrelev jaunti jeer jeopardi kind know lack land larg large-scal larger last lax left lesser lie life limber limit long lowli lukewarm lumber lurk luxuri magnific majest make malefactor malevol malici manner mark mean medit menac meticul mettl mild mind misanthrop mitig mock modest moldi moral move muse musti mysteri n necess neglect neglig neighbor new nonchal nostalgia nourish obliter offer omnisci one other out-of-d pain painstak panacea passag past patron peac peaceabl penal penniless perform peril perman permeabl perpetu persuas perturb pester piquant place pliabl pliant plod plow point pollut ponder porous prais pranc preserv principl problem product prolif prolong proof prowl punctili pungent punish punit purg purifi pusillanim raci rash readili reassur recalcitr reckless reconcil rectifi reddish reddish-yellow redress refin relax relev reliabl relief remedi remiss repeat replet repos reserv resili resist resolv respit rest retaliatori rich ridicul right rigid risk root safeti scale scamper scan scorn scrupul secur seed self self-confid sensat separ servil set sever shake sharp shi skill skim skip skulk slack slaughter sleep slick slowli smell smile sojourn solac solut someth sooth sow spici spite spooki stale standard state stay steadfast stealthili stiff stimul sting stink stopov stormi strang style suav sulli suppl supplement sweet sweet-smel swing synonym taunt tear temer tempestu temporari tepid think thorough thumb time timid total tranquil transfer treacheri troubl trudg tumult turn unambigu unappet unassert unbend uncanni unconcern unconvinc uncouth understand unenthusiast univers unknow unlimit unruffl unseed up-to-d uproot upset urban use utter v vagu valiant valu vast vex vigor visit vulner wake walk want washi wave way weak wealthi weird well well-mean wipe wise wishi wishy-washi withdrawn word work worri wors wri wrong yellow