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Not So Good Essay On Selfishness Essay

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Ronald Frank

Is it Good or Bad? Selfishness inside of Society When the little kids are yelling for Candy or your mother constantly wants more and more attention, this can be because of selfishness. You know you were aware that someone was selfish at some point. Selfishness can either be good or evil to people. It can be bad because then many would be left with virtually nothing while others would constantly want more and more stuff. It can be good as well because you can try to be helpful so others can be the same thing as you are. Selfishness is knowingly and unknowingly a part of everyone daily lives and can be troubling to some people. But everything would have a reason and selfishness has a reason as well. Selfishness has been in this world for probably a long time now. One has to wonder, is there a way to suppress it or is it something that can’t be done about. This question is and would still linger around a lot for no reason. ...

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