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Not So Integrated After All Essay

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Alicia Hollingsworth
WBIS 188
3 March 2015
Not So Integrated After All
Throughout the existence of mankind, there have been and still are privileges for some races compared to others. These privileges range from the smallest events to the largest and the majority of these privileges occur unintentionally. Peggy McIntosh states in her writing “White Privilege: Unpacking of the Invisible Knapsack” that her racial group was getting advantages and protection, while other racial groups face hardships. In Nancy Larrick’s writing, “The All-White World of Children’s Books”, she explains how a little girl had asked her why there was not any colored children in books and how she came to realize this is true. Sandra Hughes-Hassell, author of “Multicultural Young Adult Literature as a Form of Counter-Storytelling”, explains that some multicultural stories hurt that culture. Due to the scarcity of nonwhite children in children’s books, children of color are taught that they are lesser than those who are white, which can relate McIntosh’s writing to Larrick’s and Hughes-Hassell’s writings. To begin, `the fact that white children in children’s books have been around for a while is one reason...

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