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Not So Lucky Essay

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Not So Lucky

Everybody sees the Ants by A.S. King


This story is called, Everybody sees the Ants, written by A.S. King. It’s realistic fiction writing with a little bit of fantasy mixed in. The story is about a fifteen-year-old boy, Lucky Linderman, who is unfortunately bullied through out the story. One key characteristic about Lucky though is that he is able to dream about his grandfather who was a POW/MIA soldier in the Vietnam War. In his very vivid dreams Lucky is able to help his grandfather try to escape his imprisonment. Lucky is under a lot of pressure in this novel as he is consistently bullied and his parents and the school administration does nothing to help. Eventually he is able to find inner strength to overcome his obstacles.

The character I favored in this story is Virginia (Ginny). Lucky met her when he and his mom went to go visit Lucky’s aunt and uncle in Arizona. Ginny belongs to a very strict family that keeps a tight leash on her activities and whereabouts. What I admire about her so mu...

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