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Not So Poo Essay

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This essay is based on two different scenarios and aims to explain how interprofessional working within health and social care could make a difference to both situations. The interprofessional approach may be defined as ‘different practitioners from different professional backgrounds delivering services and providing combined health and social care for the benefit of service users’ (Barrett et al 2005:10). This combined practise can be carried out through a number of different organisations working together in planning and providing services or through a single team of varied professionals (Barrett et al 2005:10).

Sarah Nash recently underwent a knee operation and also suffers from arthritis. Sarah needs treatment from a nurse to ensure that her knee is recovering well from the operation but also an exercise plan in order to help build her stamina and get her ready to be up and moving comfortably again. This may also involve visits to an Occupational Therapist and Physiotherapist. The scenario explains that the nurse has advised Sarah to rest her leg for five weeks in order for it to recover, although she doesn’t seem to be doing this because she feels she has to take care of her family. In this situation a nurse could take a holistic approach and encourage f...

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