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Not So Sent From Heaven Essay

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Not so Heavenly
In 1492 the Indies were first discovered, a year later the Spaniards were sent to settle the land, later called Hispaniola. This island was perhaps the most densely populated in the world with native people called Indians. The Indians were so gullible, they believed the Spaniards were Gods sent from heaven, and because they would do anything for their masters, Indians gave into the Spaniards. Spain’s conquest of the Americas was an outright tragedy because of the way they judged the Indians on their beliefs, by abusing their power and slaughtering millions of innocent people, and shattering Native American culture.

The meeting with Catholic Spaniards and non-Christian Native Americans made the Spaniards believe that their culture was higher powered. Christopher Columbus was sent out by King Ferdinand and Queen Elizabeth to conquer the Islands and Continents in the ocean. Because of India being sucked into “harmful religions,” it was also Columbus’ job to see how their switch to Holy Faith might be accepted. When the admiral finally arrived many people of the island gathered around the ships. Columbus felt that these natives needed to be fr...

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