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T160 Mid-Term Review Sheet

Reminder: This is a “closed book” exam. You cannot use notes, the textbook, laptops, cell phones, etc.

Arcade Games – You need to know the significance of these games:

Spacewar- First videogame. First developed by students at MIT. Ralph Baer than created it and patented it. This is called intellectual property Pong- First arcade videogame hit
Space Invaders- Revived arcade business. Second arcade hit after pong Pac-Man- Best selling arcade game worldwide
Asteroids- Arcade hit
Battlezone- Arcade hit released by atari
Galaxian- First true color arcade game
Donkey Kong- Game that saves Nintendo. Used damsel in distress storyline. First appearance of Mario Ms. Pac-Man- Best selling arcade game in North America
Dragon’s Lair- Based on Laserdisc technology
Street Fighter II- Fighting game released by Capcom
Mortal Kombat- Videogame ranchise created by Midway
“Virtua” series- Series created by Sega

Game Companies – You need to know the significance of these game companies:

Atari- Japanese compay that created Pong
Activision- First 3rd party game developer
Nintendo- Credited wi...

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