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In most cases, a fair trial requires hard-core evidence to prove someone guilty or not guilty of a particular crime. Every once in awhile there are exceptions to this rule. Some people are imprisoned by hearsay or by probably cause. In the play “Trifles” there wasn’t much evidence to go by, anywhere, in Mr. and Mrs. Wright’s home. In most cases, attorney’s and officers are able to search a crime scene and come up with a probable cause, evidence of struggle, or any type of evidence to prove a case and show who is responsible for a murder. In Mrs. Wright’s home no evidence was found, by the men. At first glance, the men seen the women as “trifles”, with no obvious importance in the case or having any physical facts of the case. From the beginning of the play, there was a separation between the men and women, without them even noticing. The men wondered in the kitchen looking for evidence and could find nothing, but when the women entered the kitchen they noticed items not put in their proper places and that the house was a mess. “Sheriff: Nothing here but kitchen things.”(Glaspell 712) This comment was one of the many comments that minimized the importance of the women. The only piece of evidence that both the men and women witnessed was the stitching. They even teased the women when they talked about Minnie’s stitching and whether it was knotted or quilted. They were mocked for finding small things that seemed irrelevant to the men, but ironically these small things were evidence. To me, the women are the main characters of the play and the true investigators. The play actually follows the women more than the men, as they snoop around...

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