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Murakami notes- sheep man?
What are some of the themes that Murakami deals with?
Obvious- isolation, disconnect, etc. one character that seems to be centrally located (the narrator/ thread connector) The sheep man is a good example. Less obvious?
Protagonists that don’t really fit in?
Sheep man-A sheep-man sits in a hotel room and operates a switchboard connecting the lonely, drifting narrator to a web of unforgettable individuals the slightly dreamy, out-of-place 30ish man trying to reason with a world that seems stranger by the minute. A sense that one cannot trust one’s own senses. It may be difficult to tell from excerpts but what sorts of questions do you think he is trying to ask about reality, fate, relationships, family, and life,  His narrator is a loner, and the world that was built emphasized this. It is a book that will be best appreciated by...

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