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Not The Ordinary Birthday Celebration Essay

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9th Sept 2013

Not the Ordinary Birthday Celebration

It was the morning of February 20th, 2007, my great grandmother’s birthday! The agenda for the day was to first finish packing up the house because move in day for our new home was just hours away. Once that was all done and the truck was locked and loaded us as a family would head to TGI Fridays to celebrate my great grandmother’s birthday as we did every year since her passing. TGI Fridays was where we had her last birthday dinner before she passed; so it was very significant to us, it had become our family’s tradition. It was pretty chaotic in the house that morning, the only ones there to pack were my 3brothers, my little sister and I. My dad worked from sun up until sun down every day except for Sundays; lucky for us today was a Tuesday. My mom was 9 months pregnant which came as a surprise to my siblings and I because we had only found out 2 months ago, but that’s a different story; my mom was to do no lifting so everything was left to us. Mom sat on this little green lawn chair in the corner of the living from dictating everyone’s every move. All I kept thinking to myself was “man I would rather be in school.’’ I’m the second oldest and the first girl out of the bunch, so almost all of the heavy items came flying my way, and if anything got messed up it was my fault. Unfair? I know but that was just how my life went. I...

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