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What Is Art?
Art Art! Art is everywhere! We see art in nature, music , dance, culture and in things people create. According to the dictionary, art is the conscious use of skill and creative, imaginative especially in the production of aesthetic objects. Art includes paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, illustrations, architecture, furniture, music and poetry. Art in my opinion is a way of showing our emotions, experiences, passions and who we are in our own creative ways. Every work of art is decided by the individual. It is an expression of the artists' personal thoughts and feelings brought to life.

Why I Chose Art
I consider myself as an artist. Art has captivated me since I was a child. The challenges of improving my techniques and styles, and finding new inspirations has brought me great joy. I have progressed tremendously and I am proud of how far I have come. I will take you through my artistic journey by preparing this journal " Exploring Tropical Beauty Through The Eyes Of An Artist". This journal was inspired by tropical elements such as flowers and birds in the Caribbean. This is shown in both of my expressive forms. I carried this out by the use of bright and vibrant colors in my pieces. It will be developed by preparing material through research and interactive sessions with classmates and of course practicing artist. My experimentations with the two expressive forms will be shown throughout this journal.


My art teacher thought that I would work very well in this area. I was a bit skeptical at first but after researching textile design, I decided to give it a try. I enjoyed working in this area a lot. While working , I have developed a love for textile design. I have experimented with various techniques. This also gave chance to showcase my creativity in different techniques. I will take you through my journey of textile design and manipulation. WHAT IS TEXTILE DESIGN AND MANIPUALTION?

Textile design is the development of various designs, styles and structures. It involves producing patterns for cloth used in clothing, household textiles and decorative textiles such as carpets. The field encompasses the actual pattern making as well as supervising part or all of the production process. In other words, textile design is a process from the...

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