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Not Unlike Exercise Essay

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On a beautiful bright day on the hills of earth Jesus Christ waits in the bright blue skies. Jesus Christ sitting on a large white cloud wearing a large red robe surrounded by Angels. Each angel with beautiful long silk like robes flying around Jesus playing golden trumpets. Below the Lord awaits hundreds of exposed civ...

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action air alway angel anoth around await back bad beauti big bless blue bright burn chanc choic christ civilian cloud complet cruelti damn dark day decis destini determin die drastic earth everi everyon exercis expos fail fall fate flame flash fli full golden good grant ground happen harsh heard heaven hell herd high hill huge hundr jesus larg life like line long lord made make may michael new nude oil one order other overwhelm paint pass person place play prais pray question rais red remind rise robe room saint sent separ sheet side silk sit sky smoke soul spark stand stare surround test thought today tomorrow trumpet truth turn two unlik ve wait way wear whip white wood world