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Not Without My Daughter Essay

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Not Without my Daughter The story starts out on an airplane. Betty gets dressed in traditional Iranian clothing on the airplane. Before they land Betty is tricked into giving her passport to Moody. They end up getting housed with Ahem Bozorg. The house is extremely filthy and Ahem Bozorg doesn't like Betty and tries to get Moody mad at her. Like at the Temple were they worshiped Betty had to stay sitting next to a mirror. She went into a trance, and then a woman came in and yelled at her. Moody come and also started yelling at Betty. Betty explained that she was having her period so then Moody starts yelling at Ahem Bozorg. Finally Betty convinced Moody to move out of Ahem Bozorg house. She was able to pull this off by acting like a typical Iranian housewife. They move in with Reza and Essey because of the Taraf (offer that isn't really meant) that Essey had promised. They have better living conditions with the exception of the baby that poops on the floor. While she is living with Reza and Essey she meets a storekeeper named Hamid who lets Betty use his phone. While living there, she finds out that there are two ladies that got wind of Betty's problem and are willing to help her get out, but it would be very risky and dangerous. So she decides not to go with Trish. Slowly she earns Moody's trust, as time progresses Reza and Essey decide that they don't want Betty and Moody living with them anymore. So Moody thinks about moving back in with Ahem Bozorg but, then Mammal and Nasserine offers them room and board if they watch over their baby while they work and go to school. This place is cleaner but needs improvements on the food status. Betty plays housekeeper as Moody sits and does basically nothing. One mid-autumn day Mahthob asks Moody if they could go to the park, he agreed but only for a few minutes while there she makes friend with a woman named Judy. Judy's Iranian husband was a New York contractor he had to stay in the U.S., so Judy brought their two children to Iran to visit their grandparents. Also Judy was with her Brother-in-law Ali who was wondering about how to get a visa to visit the U.S., as Moody and Ali are talking, Betty reviles her secret to Judy. Betty also tells Judy to go to the U.S. embassy to get help, Judy agrees. During this time Moody was getting lazier and lazier partly because of a cold he was suffering from, because of this he lets Betty go into town alone (but she's on a time basis), this helps Betty since she is able to make calls to the Swiss embassy from Hamid's store (Betty does this by time her trips...

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