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Carrying Firearms

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English 23 – Writing Across the Disciplines
July 26,2013

Title: Carrying Firearms.
Thesis Statement:
Despite the quick help offered by Civilians with firearms, it should be banned because it does not make the society any safer, it also serves as a public threat/ intimidation to the people, and firearm exposure to children/ youth is not a good thing. Background:

a. Death by guns is a big problem in the Philippines. From January to May this year 2013, more than a hundred Filipinos were killed from election-related violence alone. In the year 2002, the Vera Institute of Justice reported that 6,500 Filipinos died from gun violence (Galace, n.d). b. Gun ownership in the Philippines is not required but a privilege however carrying it outside residence is another issue thus the state provided a “permit to carry firearms” for those who needed it. c.

Philippine REPUBLIC ACT No.10591 state:
SEC. 7. Carrying of Firearms Outside of Residence or Place of Business. – A permit to carry firearms outside of residence shall be issued by the Chief of the PNP or his/her duly authorized representative to any qualified person whose life is under actual threat or his/her life is in imminent danger due to the nature of his/her profession, occupation or business . It shall be the burden of the applicant to prove that his/her life is under actual threat by submitting a threat assessment certificate from the PNP. For purposes of this Act, the following professionals are considered to be in immanent danger due to the nature of their profession, occupation or business: (a) Members of the Philippine Bar;

(b) Certified Public Accountants;
(c) Accredited Media Practitioners;
(d) Cashiers, Bank Tellers;
(e) Priests, Ministers, Rabbi,Imams;
(f) Physicians and Nurses;
(g) Engineers; and
(h) Businessmen, who by the name of their business or undertaking, are exposed to high risk of being targets of criminal elements. (The Senate of the Philippines, July 23, 2012)

d. PNP records show that the number of crimes committed using firearms is consistently rising. In 2002, t...

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