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Not Your Average Monday Night Football Essay

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 Danielle Ambrosia
October 20,2013
Not Your Average Monday Night Football Game
I walked in the room with my head down, reading my most recent text message. I was oblivious to the baby crying to my left and the awkward couple on their first date to my right. I watched my cousin through my peripherals as the hostess led us to our table. I scooted into the far booth seat as I usually do and I continued to look at my phone. “Water, with the lemon on the side.” I said as I have hundreds of times before. It was a typical Monday night, getting ready to watch the football game. The smell of pizza and wings drifting through my nose, it felt very familiar. I liked familiar.
“Hi, I’m Jake.” I could smell the sweet smell of cologne as a dark shadow engulfed me. I tilted my chin up and stared at the ...

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