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Not Your Homeland Essay Essay

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No Place Like Home?

Many people always want to live a better life. Some even search for a while to find what they are looking for. However, in this case the Haitian people are seeking asylum help from the US Government in order to have a better living style than back in their country. Therefore, the problem is that the Haitian asylum seekers are not getting the real help they need and isn’t being treated well by the government. Danticat is reporting on what is happening to these people who come for help and how they are all mistreated. Danticat’s essay is to get the readers to sympathize the Haitian people and to get to feel for them as they struggle to seek a better living style therefore she convinces her readers by her good tone, appeals, and connotative language. She starts off her essay by describing what the area is like and how it related to her from years ago when she...

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