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Not Your Ordinary Love Story Essay

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Chapter 1: Aspiring; Get to know
A aspiring girl named Ashlee a 16 year old teen, very ordinary girl like other girls you see outside. An easy go lucky girl and probably gets want she wants. She has many crushes around there campus but she has this one serious crush. Its not like her ordinary crush, this particular crush of her is Anderson he is handsome, has a big body and maybe intelligent because he's under a medical course. And every time Ashlee would see him she can't help herself but to fall in love over and over again,she almost fainted and you cannot imagine her face because it's really not so nice. She didn't stop stalking Anderson up until Ashlee knows the schedule of he's class, room and many more because probably she's stalking him. Hihi. A celebration in their school where all freshmen are gathered together with their showcased talents as a class. And as Ashlee was sitting in front of al...

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