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Not A Love Song Essay

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Jean Grey
February 2, 2005
“Finding Humor in Heartache”

“This is not a love song”

While rifling through my entire collection of cd’s, trying to determine which were worthy enough to be put on my new iPod, I came across one that I had not seen in at least 5 years. The cover, decorated so beautifully with little pink flowers and fancy swirling writing, said in big red letters “Jason and Tara: The Wedding Soundtrack.” This cd had been a wedding favor from one of my best friends weddings. As I put the cd into my computer to see what was on the wonderful story-in-music, I began to think back to that most interesting of days. If this wedding deserved its own soundtrack, then the movie that it had been most like would have to be “Old School.” Now this might not be the movie most people think of when they think of weddings, some of the more famous being “My Best Friends Wedding” or “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or my personal favorite, “Princess Bride.” This one, however, was most like the scene at the beginning of the movie “Old School” where all of the groomsmen are telling the groom that “the bride is 30 yards away, we can still make a run for it, 20 yards, 10, last ...

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