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Not A Real Essay Essay

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Name ___________________________ Chosen Topic (choose one) _____________________________

1. Secondary source
a. Name/location of source

b. Who are the Europeans involved?

c. Who are the non-Europeans?

d. Where do the actions mentioned in the source take place?

e. When do the actions mentioned take place?

f. Describe the relationship between European and non-European peoples mentioned in your source. ...

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-3 -4 1 2 3 action b c choos chosen connect conquer contribut d describ detail details/stories displac e enslav essay etc european event f found g gain give given global good group h happen histori i.e includ inform interact involv j job later like look loss made map/chart/graph mention name name/location name/title need non non-european note one paraphras peopl place possibl process provid real relationship right secondari see seem sentenc shown smaller sourc specif statist sure take topic trade video world year