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IMS657 Legal and Ethical Aspect of Information System

Importance of ethics among the IT professional

Abstract: In work environment, ethics is the common rules or approach for all professionals need to obey in order to achieve a great environment in an organization. Most of people think that ethics and morals is something that share the same meaning but actually they are not. The morals are towards the personal character, while ethics stress a social system in which those morals are applied. In other words, ethics point to standards or codes of behaviours expected by the group to which the individual belongs. The ethics might be national ethics, social ethics, company ethics, professional ethics, or even family ethics. So while a person’s moral code is usually unchanging, the ethics of he or she practices can be others to depend on. This paper is written based on data collection from many sources such as webs, articles, and books. So, this paper will provide an overview on the importance of ethics among the IT professionals. Furthermore, it will be explaining the beneficial of applying ethics to IT professionals in order to achieve a good relationship among the workers or team members in an organization.

Keyword: Importance of ethics, Ethics, Morals, IT professionals

P/S : ABSTRACT N REFERENCE LUM SIAP… nak check semula nanti ..nie lum check lagi.


IMS657 Legal and Ethical Aspect of Information System


Introduction Nowadays, as we know that, information technology becomes the famous things in the world because most of technology makes our work become clear and it is very useful to the people in order to manage or do something. It is very unique of information technology like mobile device, computer, and so on because it is variety of used to the people directly make the people life more comfortable. But refer to the ethics of information technology professional, it can be seen that on how they used the technology, implement the information technology and built for it. In the short term definition, information technology is the technology that is used to process the data. Like nowadays, we used the computer devices to process the data within the organization or out of the organization or the company. Nevertheless, when we come up with the information technology professional, we will want to know the ethics I order to used the information technology either it is good ethics or the bad ethics.

There, ethics is referring to the behavior or moral of the individual people in daily life. It is very crucial things that need to know because it can show the achievement of the individual or organization goals and objectives. Actually, ethics make us become more disciplines because we need to follow the rules and procedures of the organization. Ethics among information technology professional can be defines as the attitude of information technology professional in order to accomplish something based on their behavior. It is because based on their behavior, it can show their successful either they can achieve the goals or not. It is depends on the level of ethics strangeness. Information technology professional must have high of motivation or ethics in them self because they faced with the information technology where they need facing on the information technology which can process the data that need to manage, analyze, design, implement, control, maintenance and storing. It is mostly referring to the hardware that is familiar to process the data or information like computer. As the information technology professional, sometimes they need to face with any challenges when their work in order to accomplish something work that need to be done. It is the problem that the information technology professional in their profession. When the challenges or any issues that they need to faced, information 2

IMS657 Legal and Ethical Aspect of Information System

technology professional need to try the best to find the solution to overcome their problem and it is their roles and responsibilities. It is mostly refer to the ethics of information technology professional on how they handle some issues or any challenges in their work or job.


Methodology In completing this term paper, primary and secondary literatures are used to enable in depth understanding of the importance ethics among information technology professional. For the primary literatures in order to complete this term paper, mostly I used observation method by review all the article that is related to the ethics among information technology professional. Besides that, I used secondary data where I refer to the sources that are related to the topic that I focused on such as books, article journals, internet sources and so on. From the primary and secondary literature, I know about the challenges that are faced by information technology professional and the issues that are come up today. From the challenges or...

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