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“The Way Forward for Malaysian Education” is an interesting article written by Dr. Kua Kia Soong on 3rd of June 2013. This article is published online and it is available from the website named Free Malaysia Today. The author is a SUARAM advisor. SUARAM, Suara Rakyat Malaysia or Voice of the Malaysian People is human rights of organization in Malaysia founded in 1990. In addition, he has written a lot of books that mainly related to the political issues in Malaysia such as May 13. The article’s title above is very interesting to the reader especially to those who are very aware with the current issues regarding the education system in Malaysia. Besides, the author enlightens us on how we can improve our current education system in Malaysia for our next generation. 2.0 SUMMARY

In addition, this article presents four suggestions on how we can bring our education system to a better system compared to a current education system. The building of new schools and the maintenance of existing schools becomes decentralized and will no longer be politicized and radicalized after the local council has been elected. Moreover, new schools can be built based on the need of the rate payers in the area. Furthermore, an education grant has to be means tested for tertiary education such as students from higher-income families are entitled to a lower grant and only students from low-income families get a full grant to go to college. Besides that, the author suggested that various medium schools should be congregated in “education precincts” so that we can boost our opportunities for inter-ethnic integration. 3.0 ANALYSIS

In this article, I found that ...

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