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ECO 12
T/TH 9:00 ~ 10:30
Prof. Michael Angelo
P. Battung

Oh, Dong-Jin

If there is an election in the country, people would be really sensitive. Especially, this month there is an election in Korea. That’s why Koreans are giving attention to this presidential election because this presidential election has a potential to make a first woman president in Korea. I’m also giving attention to this election. Likewise, Filipino also will give attention to their election every time. Result of the election, one country’s future will be concluded not only future but also life of the people. It shows how important election is. When I asked my Filipino friends about the Philippine election, they gave me some ideas and it’s little bit different with Korea election. First, is vice-presidential election. In Korea, citizens are not the one who chooses vice president but president is the one who choose and also all heads of departments of government. Except vice presidential election it’s all most same. Second, process of election. All voting papers would be coun...

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