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• Electric Charges, Forces & Fields • Electric Potential & Electric Potential Energy • Electric Current & Direct Current Circuits • Magnetism • Magnetism Flux & Faraday’s Law of Induction • Electromagnetic Waves

Electric Charges, Forces, and Fields
• Electric Charge • Insulators and Conductors

19-1 Electric Charge
The effects of electric charge were first observed as static electricity:

• Coulomb’s Law
• The Electric Field • Electric Field Lines • Shielding and Charging by Induction • Electric Flux and Gauss’s Law After being rubbed on a piece of fur, an amber rod acquires a charge and can attract small objects.

Charged Objects and the Electric Force

19-1 Electric Charge
Like charges repel and unlike charges attract each other. Quiz 1 All electrons have exactly the same charge; the charge on the proton (in the atomic nucleus) has the same magnitude but the opposite sign:



19-1 Electric Charge
The electrons in an atom are in a cloud surrounding the nucleus, and can be separated from the atom with relative ease.

19-1 Electric Charge

When an amber rod is rubbed with fur, some of the electrons on the atoms in the fur are transferred to the amber:

19-1 Electric Charge
We find that the total electric charge of the universe is a constant: Electric charge is conserved. Also, electric charge is quantized in units of e. The atom that has lost an electron is now posit...

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