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1. | Introduction | 2-3 |
2. | Content | 4-9 |
3. | Findings and Recommendation | 10-13 |
4. | Conclusion | 14 |
5. | List of References | 15 |

1.0 Introduction
1.1Brief introduction about the topic selected
Our group defines training and development as the attempt to improve current and future employee’s performance by improving and enhancing an employee’s ability and capability to perform well in an organization through learning and training programs, usually by correcting the employee’s attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge. Training refers to the upgrading skills of technical and operational that the skills needed by an employees to perform their jobs better. Development refers to the upgrading skills of professionals and managers. Training and Development is significant importance component of Human Resource Development. It is, possibly, the best cost-effective method of improving competencies amongst the competitors in the market.

1.2 Background of the company
The nature of McDonald business is providing fast food services and food service retail. McDonald primarily sells hamburgers, French fried, chicken nuggets, chicken fried, soft drinks, apple-pie and dessert, while its primary focus is hamburger. The founders of McDonald are Maurice and Richard (McDonald brothers). In 1940, these brothers decided to open a small drive-in restaurant. To their own shock, their business was an instant success, making $40,000 profit in its first year. Desiring greater speed in serving customers, the brothers shut the store down for a few months to restructure the store. The first McDonald was set up after restructured. Headquartered of McDonald is located in Oak Brook, Ill, United State. McDonald is the largest fast food chain in the world. According to the fortune magazine, the revenue of McDonald was $24.1 billion and net income was $4.9 billion in 2010. The franchise restaurant of McDonald is set up more than 33000 outlets in 133 nations and an employee is 1.7million. Since Skinner, 66, becomes CEO in 2001, the company had delivered an annual growth rate of 5%.

1.3 The objective(s) of the assignment
In this assignment, we had chosen Training & Development as our topic. We found that training and development has become one of the essential elements in enhancing employees’ motivation, changing the employee’s attitude and increase employee’s knowledge and skills thus, it will improving employee’s performance.

The objective of our selected topic (Training & Development) is to give definition on training and development, explanation on the various types of T&D methods and description on the methods used in McDonald operations, as well as justification on the importance of training and development towards a business. Through the study on the topic, we are able to learn more on how the company works toward the success by providing training and development for the employees. This is because proper training enables employees to learn and practice the customer responsive culture. Hence, employees have to train well so that will increase the customers’ retention. Last but not least, this assignment teaches us the ways T & D affect the productivity of employees that will helps organization further to achieve its long-term goal and improve upon the quality of work and work-life.

2.0 Content
2.1 Relevant concept / theories / assumptions
The definition of training and development is an attempt to improve current or future employee’s performance by increasing and enhancing an employee’s ability and capability to perform well in an organization through learning, usually by correcting the employee’s attitude or increasing his or her skills and knowledge. Training refers to the upgrading skills of technical and operational that the skills needed by an employees to perform their jobs better. Development refers to the upgrading skills of professionals and managers. Indeed, Development and Training are frequently used in double harness. According to the management theories, there are on the job training method and off the job training method exists in the market. On the job training method usually refers to ...

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