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The Accursed House by Emile Gabriau | Review

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Posted by Anu on May 16, 2010 in Review | 1 comment

The Accursed House by Emile Gabriau
Emile Gabriau is a French writer who has beautifully described the paradoxes of this world in his story ”The Accursed House’. It is really difficult to understand the working of human mind. If someone charges his customers extra money, people would doubt him, but, still forgive him for succumbing to greed. But, if someone decides to charge less money for his service, people will eye him with greater suspicion. This is what happens when Vimcomte inherit his Grand uncle’s property and being man of principals, decides to reduce the exorbitant rent charged by his uncle. With good intentions, he hopes to win his tenants’ hearts. But, he surely misunderstood his tenants’ capriciousness as all hell breaks loose when they learn of their new lan...

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