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* Noncurrent assets – or long-lived assets; acquired to help in the running of business; have long-term future benefits; are not held for resale; include among others * Intangible long-lived assets, i.e. patents, copyrights, trademarks, franchise, license, brand name, goodwill, secret formula * Tangible long-lived assets, i.e. land holdings for operations and buildings held for business use, i.e. production facilities, warehouses, machinery and equipment, motor vehicles, fittings, fixtures and furniture, office equi...

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account accru acquir advanc alway among amount anoth asset bank benefit bond brand build busi capit cash caus chang come compani constant consum convert copyright creditor current custom date debentur debt debtor decreas distribut dividend draw easili employe equip equiti etc expens facil financi fit fixtur formula franchis furnitur futur goodwil hand held help hold i.e includ increas insur intang inventori invest issu known land liabil licens live loan long long-liv long-term loss machineri may mortgag motor name net networth noncurr note obtain offic one oper ordinari other otherwis outstand overdraft owe owner partner partnership patent payabl portion prefer prepaid prepay product profit proprietor proprietorship receiv reduc rent repres resal revenu run salari secret secur settl share short short-term sole stock subtract suppli tangibl tax term trademark unearn unpaid unus use util valu vehicl wage warehous well withdraw within year