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10.3 note Bolivar 15-minute-history

Key dates in Bolivar’s life.
Y2, parents died
Y15 Study learn about the workings of commerce and empire in Spain Y18 married with Maria Teresa but later she died
1807 returned to Caracas involving politics
1813 Republic, Colombia & Venezuela
1815 flee to Haiti

His attitude to poor people
Have to emancipate freedom
All Spaniards would be killed

His ideas about government and what kinds of governments he created Skeptical to liberalism
Republic government above all: interests of community as a whole United

His attitude to South Americans in general.
lazy, benighted, mentally enslaved by religion
colonial law
set them free,

Why do you think he is considered a hero in South America?
he fought for freedom without actually realizing that his fighting on the ground actually was setting many, many people free. So, he kept on pursuing this abstraction to the very end, and trying to figure this abstraction out in constitutions after constitutions without realizing that he had already accomplished what he set out to do.

Episode 13: Simón Bolívar
Posted on February 20, 2013 by Christopher Rose
Host: Joan Neuberger, Professor of History and Editor, Not Even Past Guest: Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra, Alice Drysdale Sheffield Professor of History He’s been called Spanish America’s answer to George Washington and Thomas Jefferson combined, but Simón Bolívar was both and yet neither. An orphaned child shuttled between distant relatives, he was educated in the principles of the Enlightenment and cut his political teeth watching Napoleon take over most of Europe. He is revered as the Liberator of Spanish America, even though he held most of his compatriots in disdain and eventually declared himself dictator before dying a political failure on his way to exile. Guest Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra from UT’s Department of History discusses the intricacies of Simón Bolívar, an enigma who is still revered and reviled two centuries after his death.

Let’s start with a short biographical note. What was Simon Bolívar most famous for? He was instrumental in ending 300 years of Spanish rule in the Americas at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th centuries. He ought to be considered the Spanish American equivalent of both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Like Washington, Bolívar led a people onto the battlefield to gain independence. Like Jefferson, Bolívar drafted constitutions inspired by the ideas of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution. Yet, Bolívar was neither Washington nor Jefferson. Unlike Washington, who suffered excruciating pain from rotten dentures, Bolívar kept to his death a wholesome set of teeth. More important, Bolívar did not end his days revered and worshiped like Washington. Bolívar died on his way to self-imposed exile, despised by many. Unlike Jefferson, who admired the ideals of the French Revolution but never actually lived up to them—contradictorily espousing the ideals of freedoms and equality while living comfortably off the labor of hundreds of slaves—Bolívar liquidated all of his plantations and set all of his slaves free. There are, to be sure, puzzling paradoxes about Bolívar, like Jefferson. He was personally willing to give up all earthly possessions and all comfort during 18 years of military campaigns against Spanish tyranny, but he himself became a dictator.  Bolívar was a pragmatist who willingly bent principles in pursuit of strategic goals.  This man who allegedly despised Machiavelli was himself a Machiavellian for whom the ends justify all means. He was also a great political failure. So, where did he come f...

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