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Title: The Relationship of Personal Characteristics and Job Satisfaction to Adversity Quotient of Police Officers in Manila Police District

The research tittle speaks well about the research topic. However, it is longer than the standard or recommended length of 15 words. Also, there is a tendency for readers who are not well-versed about the subject to read the title more than once to understand it.

Introduction: The introduction is properly presented. It showed clearly how the researchers would want to tackle the problem. The researchers effectively directed the reader to grasp and understand the main and specific points of the research. Although, the readers might get jaded because of the paragraphs that they have to read before reaching the main point of the researchers.

Background of the study: The background led the reader to understand why there is a need to study and learn about the relationship of personal characteristics and job satisfaction to adversity quotient.

Theoretical Framework: The researchers have presented several theories. They did not specify a specific theory where they could focus their research topic.

Conceptual Framework: The framework suggested a basic paradigm and common or usual framework. It is clearly presented as the foundation of the research.

Statement of the problem: The problem statement was properly defined. It is properly connected with the title, topic, background and research frameworks. The sub-problems are also properly related and connected with the main problem.

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