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Useful Expressions to Describe Chart Movements

For each source (graph, charts, table, etc.) there are a number of useful verbs and nouns to express the movement or trend.

The number of road accidents fell.
There was a fall in the number of accidents.


Rose (to)
Increased (to)
Went up (to)
Climbed (to)
A rise
An increase
An upward trend
A boom (a dramatic rise)

Fell (to)
Declined (to)
Decreased (to)
Dipped (to)
Dropped (to)
Went down (to)
Slumped (to)
Reduced (to)
A d...

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accid adject adverb almost around bad best better blue boom car categori chang chart cheap cheaper cheapest climb colour come common compar consider constant contrast declin decreas degre describ destin dip direct dramat drop eg employ enorm etc exampl execut express fall far fell first fluctuat focus fraction good gradual graph greatest growth highest holiday ii iii increas kajang larg larger largest least less level lot lowest maintain maker mani manufactur men mention mexico minim moder movement much near note noun number one part particular peak percentag phrase point popular posit preval profession profit proport quick quit rapid reach red reduc reduct remain rise road rose sabah second sector signific slight slow slowli slump smallest sold sourc speed stabl start stay steadi steadili steep steepli stood strike subject substanti sudden superl swift tabl third trend unemploy upward use verb went white wors worst year