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Techniques Lab

Lab Notebook
• See pages 10-11
• Required Headings for each lab:
o Title
o Purpose (2-3 sentences briefly stating main concepts, reactions and techniques) o Theory (1-2 pages outlining relevant theory of concepts, reactions and techniques. Chemical structure, figures and schematic diagrams are highly recommended.) o Procedure (A point form version of experimental procedure. Tables for data collection are required.)

o Chemical Hazards (Toxicological properties, preventative measures, first aid measures)

• Write in pen
• Write on the original page and insert divider under
copy sheet before wiring
• Put your name on the front and leave room for a Table
of Contents

Determinate and
Indeterminate Errors
• Determinate errors: systematic, experimental
o i.e. inaccurate equipment, impure reagents

• Indeterminate errors: operator, random
o i.e. Losses from transfers, differences in judgement

Precision versus Accuracy
between various
between the
average result and
the actual value 2010-09-14

• There is always some uncertainty in measurement
• Equipment in this lab has typical uncertainty
o See page...

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