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Global Operations and Logistics Management
ISE525 – September 27, 2014 (Saturday) Room: CD309 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Leadership Challenge
and Strategic
Global Operations
Management is…
The Challenge to
(You and Me)

Session 1
Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng
[email protected]

ISE525 – GOLM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sept-Dec 2014

Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng, QuST 2014

Blessed are those who can give
without remembering and take
without forgetting.
The reason why worry kills more people
than work is that
more people worry than work.

I was always taught to respect my elders,
But it keeps getting harder to find one.

ISE525 – GOLM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sept-Dec 2014

Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng, QuST 2014

Topics and Schedules for ISE 525-GOLM (2014/2015) - R.1. Sept 6, 2014 1.


(Rooms Y303, CD309, CD307 and CF401)
Introduction to GOLM & Logistics Strategy and Introduction
to Case Study (Y303) ----------------------------------------------------------- Sept 1 (*) Logistics Evolution, Design, and Case Study (CD309) ------------------- Sept 6-S1 The Globalization of Operations Strategies (CD309) -------------------- Sept 6-S2 Physical Distribution and Quick Response Logistics (CD307) --------- Sept 13-S1 Global Supply Chain Management Challenge (CD307) ----------------- Sept 13-S2 Lab: Supply Chain Dynamics (CF401) -------------------------------------- Sept 22 (*) Leadership Challenge and Strategic Framework (CD309) -------------- Sept 27-S1 Supplier Network Development and Service Strategies (CD309) ------ Sept 27-S2 Guest Lecture – Stephen Chan (Y303) -------------------------------------- Sept 29 Team Presentation – Team Project (CD307) ----------------------- Nov 1 (**)-S1 Team Presentation – Team Project (CD307) ----------------------- Nov 1 (**)-S2 Logistics Strategy Case Study Presentation (CF401) --------------------- Nov 10 (*) Test (At Room CD307) -------------------------------------------------------- Nov 29 (*)

Individual assignment due on Nov 1, 2014 (**)
Team presentation on Nov 1, 2014
Individual Test will be conducted on Nov 29, 2014
Course Evaluation : TBC
ISE525 – GOLM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sept-Dec 2014

- Marks will be deducted for late submission
- Test will be conducted in room CD307

(*) By Dr. Tommy Choy


Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng, QuST 2014

Strategy - Focus
• The best strategy is always to be very strong,
first generally then at the decisive
point…There is no more imperative and no
simpler law of strategy than to keep the forces

-- Karl Von Clausewitz ( 1780 – 1831)
ISE525 – GOLM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sept-Dec 2014

Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng, QuST 2014

Strategy Formulation, Stage 1
1. Strategic
2. Scan &




Threats, Trends

Strengths /


3. Determine
4. Choose
ISE525 – GOLM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sept-Dec 2014

Alternatives - What is Possible

Vision, Mission Strategic Intent,
Goals and Objectives
1995 Prentic Hall, Inc
Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng, QuST 2014

Strategy Formulation, Stage 2


Distinctive Core Competences



Strategic Plans



Integrated Business Plans


Implement Plans


Evaluate and Assess Results

10. Go to step One…
1995 Prentic Hall, Inc
ISE525 – GOLM The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Sept-Dec 2014

Prof. Stephen W.K. Ng, QuST 2014

Implication on a “Business Strategy”
• Given the dynamic nature, only shortterm, tactical responses are inadequate...

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