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3) A demographic (2 words) (SOCIALCLASS)
4) Goods or services produced by a business (PRODUCT)
5) External Negatives (THREATS)
8) An original P (PROMOTION)
10) Buyer (CUSTOMER)
11) Marketing promotion that relies on word-of-mouth or
Online networks to spread the message (VIRAL)
17) When everyone in a market has one (SATURATION)
20) Individuals (PEOPLE)
24) Marketing using good causes (3 words)
26) A demographic - Schooling (EDUCATION)
27) External Positives (OPPORTUNITIES)
29) Any recognizable name, logo or symbol that
identifies a product (BRAND)
33) Way to enter an international market (FRANCHISING)
35) Price starts high - goes low (SKIMMING)
41) Research designed to provide information about opinions, attitudes and behaviours (QUALITATIVE)
42) Way to enter an international market (2 words)
43) A demographic - M/F (SEX)
46) 7th P (2 words) (PHYSICALEVIDENCE)
48) Demographic - How old are you? (AGE)
49) A demographic - What do you do for a living?
51) Distribution __________. How a business gets
its products to the end (CHANNEL)
52) Surveying a small group of a population to gain
research insights (SAMPLING)
54) Paid-for communication, aimed at informing or persuading (ADVERTISING)
55) The part of the marketing mix that focuses on where a firm’s products are sold (PLACE)
57) Product getting bigger (GROWTH)
Down (No spaces)
1) Product or brand with a high share of a mature or declining market - Moo (2 words) (CASHCOW)
2) Way to ente...

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