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Informal Letter

Dear Mimi,
How are you my dear sister? I hope you are fine. Don't worry about me; I am very fine. I am now a very strong young man you know. How are those wonderful brothers of mine? Pass them my greetings.

I received you letter. Thanks a million for writing. The brothers and sisters in my congregation are fine. I am only sorry to heat that Br. Banda is still sick. I hope he will recover soon.

My journey back here was fine, though it was  quite a long one. I wanted to travel by CR bus but guess what; all the wretched buses wee full so I had no choice but to travel by a small Rosa bus. The journey took seven hours. \By the time we reached, my legs were tired and my bottom was severely sore, ugh! Next time, I promise , I'm not gonna use one of 'em tiny buses!

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